Whether it is age-related material fatigue, damage caused by moisture or excessive energy costs - there are many reasons why a roof can need renovating or completely replacing. A typical problem in southern Spain is that of the flat roof. Firstly, this type of roof is susceptible to damage from moisture. Secondly, it’s not particularly energy efficient.

If you decide you want to keep your flat roof, we can offer you an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of moisture damage. For the waterproofing of flat roofs, we use the liquid plastic PURelastik from the German company ISOPOL (for whom we are the official sales partner in Spain). PURelastik is characterised by durability and processing safety and provides maximum protection against infestation from red algae and moss, as well as against fungal attack.

The roofs we renovate are fitted with insulation materials that comply with German building standards. This means that the house stays pleasantly warm in winter and does not get so hot in summer. As a result, heating or air-conditioning systems do not have to be used as much and this saves a lot of money over the years. In addition, it’s quite easy to integrate energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solar panels into a new roof to give you hot water (solar thermal energy).

Of course, the renovation or new construction of roofs, like all our work, is carried out professionally and is subject to the usual service guarantees.

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