Building drying

Building drying

Building drying is also important in the sunny south. As a rule, southern Spanish houses and flats are not particularly solidly built and therefore offer little protection from the heat in summer and insufficient protection from the cold and damp in winter. Especially in slightly older properties, but sometimes in brand-new properties too, moisture damage caused by leaking roofs and/or walls is not uncommon after heavy rainfall.

Before the damage can be professionally repaired or renovated, professional building drying is indispensable. Goestl Wolfgang Reformas y Construcciones has many years of experience in the field of construction drying and has the appropriate equipment in the form of technically sophisticated devices for the efficient removal of damage caused by moisture and flooding.

Our construction drying machines are also used to dry the construction moisture that arises during a construction process. During the construction of a new building, for example, a property with 100 m² of living space produces a good 1,000 litres of excess water. Especially in winter, the warmth of the sun does not take care of this by itself, even in this country. Without proper drying of buildings, new construction projects, for example, can be delayed by many weeks.

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