new builds

New builds

With regard to construction, we specialise in particular in single-family houses. Whether a small bungalow or a luxury villa, we build your dream house according to German building standards, taking into account local conditions such as soil, climate, humidity, temperature fluctuations, etc. However, planning is the first step in any construction project. Our company therefore places great value on close cooperation with you and your architect. We are also happy to support you in the selection of an architect for your building project.

Smooth interaction between architect and construction manager is an important requirement for a successful outcome. Legal and technical specifications meanwhile are monitored by us for exact compliance. It goes without saying that all our new buildings come with a guarantee covering several years.

Our services range from preliminary designs to detailed planning. In compliance with the regulations and standards, we offer services from basic evaluation through to design planning and approval planning. We build using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality building materials.

Neubau Marbella und an der Costa del Sol - Goestl Wolfgang

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