Roof coating

Roof coating - liquid plastic: Safe flat roof renovation with Pu-plastic.

Bending the job of a flat roof, flat or slightly, is the permanently sure sealing of the most different underground materials and individual construction solutions. For this area of responsibility a roof coating of high-quality liquid plastic offers a maximum in security and economic efficiency. The product is suitable for private houses as well as for industrial constructions. Liquid plastic in the roof renovation means quick realisation, efficient work and permanently sure results.

Pu-plastic - Ideal material for craftsmen.

His advantages with the roof coating

- Seamless, joint less processing
- The highest security
- Trouble-free sealing of all connections
- The old roof remains usable and must not be demolished
- Very good weather permanence
- Excellent picture exactness of surfaces
- Possible combinations with other materials
- Resistant against flight fire and beaming warmth German Institute for Standardization 4102

What performs Pu-Plastic.

All connections are integrated optimally and appropriate for craft into the surface.
Thus originates a homogeneous tub-shaped sealing.

Economic efficiency
With liquid plastic complicated flat roofs are sealed fast and efficiently.

The sealing is permanently elastic and is convincing by her excellent Hydrolyse
as well as chemical permanence. Quick and easy roof renovation with liquid plastic.