Mould elimination

Attention is given increasingly to the appearance of mould in buildings and houses.


Reasons for it are:

  • Too many moisture inside
  • Structural defects (permeable roof, you crack in the walls, etc.)
  • Wrong content (calendar and to ventilate).
  • Mistake in the construction of the building.
  • Thermal isolation stated evil.
  • Inadequate and incomplete elimination of damages caused by the water
  • The rest of moisture of construction

To prevent and to prepare the mould, they have to be repaired first of all the constructive defect. Nevertheless, also often mould takes place for a bad carried use of the persons in the hearth. Especially the inadequate ventilation of the inhabitants in connection with the action produces the moisture to itself (to take a shower, to cook, etc.), increases the moisture of the air in a room. Particularly in later isolation for heat and after the valid instructions of thermal isolation of again they were erecting of the building it stems from the diminished change of natural air (it means the air change from the outside crossing the permeable meeting with the closed window) a suitable ventilation is needed.